Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil

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A cleansing oil compounded with oriental herbal ingredients
Compounded with oriental herbal ingredients like coix seed oil. A cleansing oil that thoroughly removes waterproof makeup and pore-clogging debris for supple,translucent skin.

Feels light, with a dry touch
Compounded with a non-sticky oil that feels light, with a dry touch. Spreads readily and thoroughly washes off.

Thoroughly removes stubborn makeup, sebum, and even pore-clogging debris
The Deep Clear Formula not only removes waterproof makeup and old skin cells containing melanin, but the oil – which has a similar composition to the skin’s natural oils – thoroughly removes sebum and blackheads from the depth of your pores to create clear, fine-textured skin.

Cleanses your face into smooth translucency
  • Washes away roughness around your nostrils and chin, leaving them smooth. The oriental medicine ingredients protects the skin’s moisture while removing sallowness, creating highly translucent soft skin.
  • Can be used with wet hands.
  • The gentle scent envelops and relaxes you for a pleasant cleansing experience.

How to use
  • Remove the stopper on the pump.
  • Push the pump a few times to dispense the appropriate amount of oil onto the palm of your hand. Then, blend over your face with your fingertips as if mixing it into your foundation and other makeup.
    * For the appropriate amount, push the pump two to three times.
  • Rinse with warm or cold water.



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