Perfect One Moisture Gel

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It is the basic gel in the popular all-in-one beauty care gel series with the function of lotion, milky lotion, cream, essence, pack, makeup base .

Seven types of collagen with different features

Combined type lifting collagen EX * 2 which combines seven types of collagen differing in size and function . Work properly according to the condition and environment of the skin, penetrate even the corners of the stratum corneum, including the skin surface. Approach even further to the drying of moisture the whole skin.

50 types * 4 moisturizing ingredients are compounded

Rare domestically produced Japanese vegetable plant of our company Incorporating purple root extract * 5 extracted from the roots of Murasaki , support the shortage of anxious which becomes matter of concern with age. In addition, inositol * 6 of rice bran ingredient improves the original function of the skin, it gives a high moisture, but it also fulfills a smooth and fresh feeling of use. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and other 50 kinds of moisturizing ingredients * 7 are blended, giving a rich moisture.

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