Hydra Life Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence

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To optimize daily beauty routines and infuse the skin with an extra dose of youthful hydration, Dior creates a new hydrating essence: the quintessence of Hydra Life technology.

Ultra-fresh, fluid and invigorating, the Youth Essential Concentrated Sorbet Essence contains an ultra-concentrated version of the Hydra Life anti-aging cocktail. This essence contains twice the amount of Jisten, Centella and Black Rose extracts as any other skincare. Its ultra-activated formula intensifies the movement of water in all of the skin’s layers* and boosts the effectiveness of subsequently applied skincare. Perfectly hydrated upon application and for 24 hours, the skin is fresher and plumper. Your skin revels in an unprecedented “sorbet” sensation, a real source of youthfulness: skin temperature drops by 3°C upon application.**

*Tested in vitro on ingredients

**Instrumental test - n = 10