One Essential Eye Serum Eye Zone Purifying Radiance Boosting Care

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With Eyes Essential, enter a new eye dimension; enter the avant-garde vision of Dior.

Eyes Essential: The 1st cellular regenerator for the eye zone, from Dior.

One Essential's extraordinary power of cellular regeneration has been adapted to the delicate eye zone to create the most beautiful eyes possible.

A youthful asset to the face, the eye zone is, however, the most fragile area, for it lacks cutaneous cells. Cellular regeneration is thus fundamental in preserving its youth.

By deeply* detoxifying the skin in the eye area, EYES ESSENTIAL stimulates exceptional regeneration at the stem cell** level.
Bursting with new cell matter, the eye zone is no longer subject to the passage of time and signs of fatigue (shadows, bags).

Day after day, freed of toxins, the eye zone is reinforced. Smoother and more luminous, eyes appear visibly rested. More than ever before, your eyes are the hallmark of youth.

*Tested In vitro on ingredients
** Epidermal / Tested In vitro on ingredients: protection of the basal layer cells of the epidermis containing stem cells.