Layer Blush Compact #01 Baby Berry

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A new sensation! Light and smooth, like a fresh soufflé.
Blush color that allows you to easily realize the deep and lustrous finish normally only achieved by a cream blush.

  • “Smooth glow oil” provides a finish that radiates a graceful air, while “lucent powder” brings a luster with a real sense of depth, realizing the kind of moist, rich color normally achieved by a cream blush. Mix the four gradations and enjoy the exact kind of layers that you want.
  • An emollient base which maintains the sensation of moisture.
  • Supplied with a special brush that feels smooth on your skin.
  • A design evoking the concept of the compact being created from a single large emerald. An octagonal cut has been pressed into the surface of the blush, and the brush has a Swarovski rhinestone attached.
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.