Ultimation Stretch Shield Mask + Moisture Stretch Serum
(30g + 2.3ml)

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Intensive care duo - Serum and Mask - seals in moisture to revive skin radiance to fatigued skin.

Moisture Stretch Serum
Contains concentrated Nagasari Extract, as well as highly nutritious Royal Jelly Extract and Soy Bean Extract to generously moisturize skin and to recover vibrant look.

Shows high skin affinity, blending into the skin with creamy end-feel, thanks to Micro Emulsion Formulation, the result of which is firm supple skin.

When you feel your skin is fatigued, give it an intensive training programme to renew your complexion right away.

Stretch Shield Mask
Contains active ingredients with flexible quality of mask so it adheres to skin closely, lifting and moisturizing.

Close contact ensures smooth delivery and enhances effects of Moisture Stretch Serum deep into the keratin layer.