Terre D'Hermes EDT

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Earth, water, air; Terre D'Hermes is a crossing, a journey through the elements, the story of a transformation, of a movement towards infinity. On the ground it rests on the orange H at its base, like a pact agreed with the earth from which it draws its strength. Towards the sky, over the surface of it metallic coat, it reflects the light, lets the clouds glide by and the air tremble, as if mirroring a dream. Between the two, the transparency of water, borne within an architecture of glass with ridges that are clear and yet soft to the touch.

This is a woody fragrance.

Top note:
Orange, Grapefruit
Middle note:
Spicy Peppers, Flint Stone, Geranium Flower
Base note:
Woody Atlas Cedar, vetiver Root, Shoothing Balm of Benzoin