Cool Water Tender Sea Rose EDT Spray

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Davidoff launches the new fragrance which belongs to the collection of Cool Water which succeeds Sea Rose from 2013, Sea Rose Coral Reef Edition from 2014 and Sea Rose Summer Seas from 2015. In pale pink flacon with rose illustrations, the new fragrance will mark the summer of 2015 with a composition characterized by floral-musk aromas. ‘The fragrance was inspired by the first rays of sun in early morning twinkling on the sea water surface. AS the sun arises, a girl kneels down on the shore surrounded by luminous light and tempts the most intimate moment of the day: her secret meeting with the sea.’

Luminous first rays of sun are described by drops of grapefruit opening the composition, announcing a feminine floral bouquet in the heart in which elegant roses and jasmine blossom intertwine their petals. Sensuality and cuddly finish are provided by musk shades softening bright notes of grapefruit and calming down floral sweetness.