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Free 2000 Birthday Points.

Enjoy 2000 points = RM20 when you make order on the month of your birthday. Simply insert (Example " JULY BABY" at the comment box before you check out. Points to be used after 2 weeks of complete purchase. We will validate your birthday by your account birthday date. Birthday Treat Points will be given one time only (anually).

Shopping online is fun and great value for money with Best Buy Points.

Earning Best Buy PointsYou can accumulate Best Buy Points whenever you make a purchase. Points accumulated can be used to offset your next purchase.

How does it work?

For RM100 spent, 100 Best Buy Points will be credited. 
100 Best Buy Points = RM1.(Normally reduction rate of the point = 1%)

E.g. If you purchase 2 items at the price below:

Item 1 - RM58.00 (You get 58 BB Points) 
Item 2 – RM64.00 (You get 64 BB Points)

Total = RM122 (You get 122 BB Points)

Product reviews

Members can also earn Best Buy Points by writing a product review. 
Each approved product review gets 100 Best Buy Points (RM 1 value).

*You can only write a review on the item which you purchased within three months.

• You have to register and login as a member to accumulate points
• Points from different accounts cannot be transferred or combined
• Shipping fees and other charges cannot be used to accumulate points
• Points will not be added if changes are made after the order is fulfilled
• Points will be cancelled if an order or a particular item is cancelled

Using Best Buy Points

When you have finished shopping, you can choose how many Best Buy Points you want to use from My Account. The points you use for this purchase will be deducted from your total points.

Eg. You want to claim 500 Best Buy Points (RM5 value) for your RM100 purchase.

RM100 – 500 Points (RM5) = RM95

Total amount you pay: RM95 
Total Points you gain from this order: 95 points

• Shipping fee will not be charged as the total purchase is over RM100. 
• Maximum points to be used in one order are 10,000 Points (RM100 value).
• To enjoy double points under the Double Point Promotion, Best Buy Points cannot be redeemed in the same order.
• Best Buy Points can be used in unit 100 points (RM1 value).

Terms and Conditions

• Points can only be used to offset purchase amount and not shipping fee or other charges 
• Best Buy Points cannot be encashed 
• You cannot use Best Buy Points at our events such as roadshows or any other shops
• If customer withdraw a member, the point lapses. 
• Customer cannot give or lend a point to other people. 
• Best Buy Point System is valid from the start date of 16th Jun 2010. Purchases from previous orders will not be counted.

When are Best Buy Points Credited?

Best Buy Points will be credited into your account after each order has been delivered. 

*It takes a maximum of 7 working days for points to be credited. For product reviews, points will be credited after the review is approved.

Expiry Date

365 days after purchase date.

Checking Your Points

You may login and check your total Best Buy Points accumulated under “My Account”.