(11.11) 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula
(30ml x 3pcs = 90ml)

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Fine grains in a cream base. De-flakes, polishes, clears pores, refines and helps lessen fine lines.

Skin looks translucent, clearer brighter; takes edge off tiny lines. Better stimulation; promotes even skin tone.
Helps control oil-related problems. Gives a light reflecting look to mature skin. Allows better makeup application.
Moisturiser absorbs more easily. Will not scratch. Gentle; leaves no residue on skin after rinsing. De-flakes, polishes, clears pores.

Skin Types:
Suitable for all skin types

Use morning or night. On a makeup-free face, massage with finger tips in a circular motion until cream turns clear, avoiding immediate eye area.
Can be used on lips. Rinse or tissue off. Use in conjunction with the 3-Step Skin Care System.


My favourite scrub cos i can use it daily. Leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth and new. Not drying at all. One small squeeze amount goes along way. I use it once a day, everyday. Worth every cent!!
Date Added: 08/21/15
by Hannah Tye
t is a wonderful product and it has been reformulated. It's not as "grainy" as before and the ingredient list has changed. All paraben ingredients have been removed.
Date Added: 03/25/15
Gentle yet effective in removing dead skin. Skin looks clearer and smoother.
Date Added: 02/17/15
by lc kwek
I use this once a day to scrub off the dry, dead skin off my face and it works wonderfully! It leaves my skin so smooth. After this I follow with my 3 Step System and my skin is so soft! It's a must have for me!
Date Added: 11/11/14
Wonderful scrub cream, would like to order another set
Date Added: 09/09/14
by Amr Kebbe
Great scrub! Gentle and smoothing and I can use it daily. Its excellent before application of anti aging or whitening moisturiser.
Date Added: 06/01/13
by Jamie Wang
I used it every morning on dry skin. After rinse my face feel smoother & softer. Use it on lips to remove dead skin cell.
Date Added: 01/17/12
by samsiah mohamed yusop
Cleanse deeply yet gently. A very effective scrub.
Date Added: 12/21/11
by Belinda Lau
Just replenished this scrub! Love it very much. Now my mum is also using it.
Date Added: 09/30/11
by Loh Huei Yin
My favourite scrub of all time. Tried so many and this is still the best. Face is smoother and feels clean. Highly recommended!
Date Added: 06/30/11
by Loh Huei Yin
Its easy to apply and its gentle on skin without stripping off skin moisture.Skin become more radiant after use.
Date Added: 11/18/10
by Mei Kiew Shue
I almost finished the 30ml tester tube and my skin feels so soft and smooth.My pores started to clear! This is an awesome scrub cream! highly recommended especially for those who are sensitive combination skin like me:) I will continuosly purchase more!!!
Date Added: 11/16/10
by Aimee Cainto
Love this scrub cream so much. It makes my face soft and smooth.
Date Added: 10/22/10