Facial Treatment Clear Lotion [REGULAR]

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Completes the cleansing ritual by removing residual impurities and dead skin cells.

This effective toning lotion with a mix of AHA and Pitera™ exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities. Its clarifying formula prepares the face for the rest of your skincare regimen.

This toning lotion
gently and effectively removes
impurities and exfoliating old skin cells.


Ingredients :

A concentrated formula full of vitamins, amino acids,
minerals, and organic acids

A group of natural acids that gently remove dry and dead skin cells, unclog pores,
prevent breakouts, reverse sun damage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


How To Use

Step 1 Soak a cotton pad with Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. Start applying the pad to your T-Zone, concentrating on oily areas.
Step 2 Continue massaging from the chin towards your jawline and cheeks.
Step 3 Finish by gently wiping your neck from the bottom to the top.




Start with it for the first time..very satisfied with the product.
Date Added: 04/14/18