Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Le Serum Global Age-Defying Serum for Face (F119060000)

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The 1st Total Youth Skincare that Intensely Replumps the Skin

In 2015, Dior Sience pioneers3 major advances for the skin's youth and beauty with the creation of the new Capture Totale serum, its 1st total youth skincare with an instant, deep and intensive replumping action that restores the face's natural plump volumes and youthful contours. The new Capture Totale Le Serum has achieved the feat of improving cellular synchronization. Thanks to its very high concentration in boosted Longoza extract, it acts at the heart of the skin like a true orchestra conductor of cells. In all layers of the skin, the activity of skin cells is once more optimally coordinated, restoring the face's harmonious plump countours.

Apply morning and evening before your Capture Totale moisturizer.