Capture Youth Glow Booster Age-Defying Illuminating Serum (C800000241)

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This illuminating serum is a glow booster to help restore radiance. Murunga Plum, known to be 100 times more concentrated in Vitamin C than oranges, combined with alpha hydroxy acid helps to brighten the complexion and smooth skin texture.

Enriched with antioxidant-boosting iris extract and composed of 80%* naturally-derived ingredients, this serum has a lightweight texture that offers a natural glow and energizes skin, helping it resist aggressions (stress, fatigue, and jet lag,…).

1 - Active Ingredient: Vitamin C from Murunga Plum helps to brighten skin 2 - Alpha hydroxy acid helps to even skin tone 3. Iris extract boosts skin's natural antioxidant power**