Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

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Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser cares for your skin while it cleanses. It contains Concentrated Pitera and Mild Treatment Essence that leaves your skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. Work up a fine-textured lather and enjoy its mild rose scent.

How to use

Wet the face with lukewarm water, then put 2-3 cm of Cleanser on the palm and add small amount of water. Lather well to crate gentle cleansing foam. Spread the cream foam entire face with gentle stroke from lower to upper part of face. Take best care around the nose area. Rise of with lukewarm water.


Great cleanser! Didnt feel dry on my skin after using it!
Date Added: 07/13/16
by Chew Lee Peng
this product have a smell of rose but very light. a small pea amount is enought for cleasing full face
Date Added: 03/30/16
by Nur Farida Ismail
Personally love this cleanser. A small pea-sized amount gives you a fine-texture lather and the best of all it feels clean and fresh with velvet texture after the first use. Will surely buy this again.
Date Added: 08/10/15
by Nazatul Aminah Abdul Malek
Very luxury foam,make my skin very clean,moist and soft.Buy it 2 tub during happy hour.Love the smell like rose.Packaging is very exclusive n easy to use.Strongly recomended this stuff to who love their skin n to pamper your skin.My skin is combination skin but i can use it without any worries.
Date Added: 03/16/15
by aishah m.khiruddin
This cleanser smell-rose and it is very nice where i treat it like my aroma therapy session after a busy day. It cleans my skin thoroughly and removed makeup efficiently
Date Added: 02/02/15
by Nurfaradilla Mohamad Nasri
love the rose extract smell. it cleanse very well without tightening the skin & leave a smooth & refreshing feel to the skin.
Date Added: 10/19/12
by Nor Hezrina Hishamuddin
The main reason for loving this product is because of its rose extract aroma which is good for distress. This light foamy cleanser works really well on my skin which is normal combination and also good for people with dry skin as my mum's using this product as well. After i;ve remove my makeup, i will massage a pea size of size cleanser all over my dampen skin and massage to cleanse. There's no tightness or irritating feel on my skin after using this product and my skin feels soft, hydrated and rejuvenated. What i dislike is the price which is quite high end for student like me but thanks my mybestbuyworld which provide this product for sale at a much lower and affordable price.
Date Added: 07/19/11
by Chen Karyen



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