Facial Treatment Essence

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With More than 90% Pitera , a unique ingredient enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that closely match your skin, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is necessary for radiant healthy-looking skin. Women all over the world affectionately call it their "Miracle Water" for bringing back their skin to its optimum condition in only 28 days*.

* 88% of women experienced a noticeable difference in their skin after using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 28 days. (Galaxy Research - May 2007)


Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. You can even use it on the eye area.


Fabulous! It tighten my skin, and my skin look brighter now, it just for 3 days only. Miracle water!
Date Added: 11/14/14
by Chan Li En
It does wonders to my skin! On the first two weeks of application, my skin didn't seem to give any response to the essence but after a while, as I woke up in the morning my skin was like glowing. As if the glow came right from the inside of the skin and even my friends and family members noticed the change on my face. Worth the while, worth the money indeed. Definitely gonna be back for more of the essence.
Date Added: 03/27/14
by Aini Ghazali
I bought this one recently for my wife to compliment the SKII Cellumination Mask In Lotion. What can I say...its SKII's main product, the miracle water they say. Its not the product that I would say is the best here in BBW, but its the pricing. Without BBW, I would have never got the chance to get my hands on such expensive product like SKII. Thanks BBW, keep up the affordable prices.
Date Added: 03/20/14
I love it so much! Instantly makes my skin glow n bright after application. smooth skin is definitely with this treatment essence. But have to bear with the weird smell, i think its because of the pitera itself.i dont the mind the smell because it helps my skin to look brighter.
Date Added: 07/23/13
Good service... Realy fast delivery... Product also reduce my acne scar... Skin looks clearer and fairer....
Date Added: 06/09/13
by Siti Murni Fitri
the best essence ever!!! easily absorbed by my skin. everyone said that my skin look extremely firm and radiant just after 1 month of application. The acne marks on my face has slowly enlighten as my skin go firmer. thanks skll
Date Added: 05/23/13
by Nurul Husna Mohd Nor Hazalin
The best ever product! my face feel soft and silky and its saving lots of penny too buying with BBW. will definitely keep on shopping here!
Date Added: 03/07/13
by sarah amane
i just started using this product and all my colleagues have started to notice the difference in one week time! my skin glows, even without make up. the tone became even and moisturized for whole day long.I am always on the go, and having this product really became handy. I just applied it after cleansing in the morning, then im set to go. I dont waste my time to apply all the full regime of skin care, as this product alone really works wonder to my skin! try it, you wont regret. that's why it is called magic water.
Date Added: 12/01/12
The best essence ever. worth buying it. My face becomes clearer and 'clean' since using this essence.
Date Added: 11/21/12
by Lalitha Palaniveloo
Truly love this "miracle water" keeps my skin smooth and well hydrated!
Date Added: 11/15/12
by Tan Li Li
i really love this essence! it make my skin glow from the inside and crystal clear look..i don't need to apply compact powder to my face anymore ,i just put a bit blusher to my cheek and done! :)
Date Added: 08/30/12
by Dk Carrie Ruds
After two weeks of using SKII Facial Treatment Essence,my dull skin is fade away and become more glowing now.I'm more confident and will keep on using this product.
Date Added: 08/24/12
by angela anthony
After a week of using, my dry combination skin is properly hydrated. The 2nd week my skin seems brighter. A recommended for everyone. Women and man too.
Date Added: 08/21/12
I love this product because it really does wonder to my skin after the very first application. After 3 days, my skin complexion improved a lot and i cant wait to have the skin that i've been dreaming of, just like in the SKII commercial.
Date Added: 05/23/12
by Suriyanti Su Nyun Pau
its such a miracle open pore even refined & make our skin smooth.. should try it..
Date Added: 05/01/12
Been wanting to try this out but was hesitant to purchase the regular size. Now I know why this is highly raved - just 2 days of usage, and my friend noticed a difference to my complexion. It just makes your skin look better and better. Skin feels comfortable and hydrated, a little brighter and more radiant. Great stuff.
Date Added: 03/06/12
by Sharon Wong
I absolutely love how my skin is instantly smooth and soft.
Date Added: 02/18/12
My face once upon a time was very dull, big pores, & achne scatters everywhere. But once i started to use this...goodbye dull face. Welcome shining, smooth & glowy face.
Date Added: 01/19/12
by Serene Kam
this is the best product that i have bought. seriouly, my skin feel very smooth and my refresh after apply this product. it is such a miracle product !
Date Added: 01/13/12
by jue 365
As others claimed, this is indeed an effective product. It might be overrated for some, but it truly does work I must say. It clarifies, soothes, softens and gives my skin a luminosity that I never thought my skin has. The results doesn't show that soon comparing to using the mask. This is more of a longer term treatment.
Date Added: 09/23/11
I love this essence. It is a must-have beauty product for women. trully recommend this product.
Date Added: 08/11/11
by norzilawati kamaluddin
it can improve the absorption of the follow-up skincare product, skin become smooth & clear.
Date Added: 05/05/11
I've been using this for less than 2 weeks and I could already see the difference it has made to my skin. It's indeed a "miracle water"! My skin used to be dry on certain areas but it's now moisturized and I no longer see skin peeling off. My complexion looks better and glowy. And it's now supple!
Date Added: 01/15/11
by Caryn Ng
I have been using this essence for more than a year. I decided to give a try even though i am not really sure and see the effectiveness of this product. Anyhow, I dont have pimples or any additional blackheads since using it.
Date Added: 12/30/10
by Eleiza Zolkiflei
i do love this sk II product! its great. i bought the trial set a year ago.. and i apply to my skin every night before sleep. its improve my skin texture iinside. and erminate my pigmentation. and i coninue buy the facial treatement essense coz its really miracle water!
Date Added: 11/19/10
by wan norhanis wan jehari
hi..received this product at 3/11/10 and gave it a try.i have combination skin - oily at t-zone and the rest is dry. unfortunately, i felt all my face dry after applying this essence.however still gave it chance (maybe my skin can't adapted). sadly the same thing to avoid debris,i just put it on the newly-red acne to dry it faster.
Date Added: 11/19/10
by herniz hussin
Setelah menggunakannya, ia merubah kulit wajah saya yang agak sensitif. Saya sangat gembira apabila ramai dari teman-teman yang memuji perubahan kulit wajah saya yang semakin licin dan berseri. Warna kulit yang dulu nya kusam sehingga menjadikan tona wajah yang tidak sekata, kini tidak lagi... walau ianya mengambil masa, tetapi kini saya telah melihat hasilnya yang memberangsangkan....
Date Added: 10/13/10
for 30ml, u'll get a lot considering u are new to sk-II and just wanna get a start with it but dont wanna be in too deep with sk-II products (well, that's the case for me). the first day i started to wear the FTE, i almost felt the difference in how smooth my skin felt to the touch. only the smell i cant tolerate--well i guess that's the Pitera. the 2nd day, i could feel how firm my skin is. I'm 23 by the way and i only wear this to have a firmer, luminous skin. been wearing for 3 days only and still no alergic reaction and i'm giving it 28 days to see the full result.
Date Added: 10/24/09
by Nurul Rahainah