Cellgenie Facial Wash White
(7.5ml x 3pcs = 22.5ml)

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With its fine lather, this facial wash thoroughly removes substances that cause dullness and roughness, leaving skin clear and radiant.
For skin that is exposed to day-to-day environmental stresses. This cream-type facial wash reveals the skin’s innate clarity and leaves it refreshed and bright.
* Illuminate AI Complex combining traditional Japanese ingredient ALNUS FIRMA EXTRACT (moisturizer) and traditional Chinese ingredient INULA BRITANNICA EXTRACT (moisturizer) maintains an ideal stratum corneum condition for a beautiful complexion.
* Its formula contains mild amino acid cleansing ingredients that suppress moisture loss. After use, the skin is clear and soft.
* Quickly forms a fine, rich lather that is as dense as foamy facial pack. Without the need to scrub, this thickly lathered facial wash removes dirt and sebum that may be the cause of dull and rough skin, leaving the skin in a supple condition.
* Removing dirt and unnecessary sebum allows greater penetration of skin care products applied subsequently. With continued use, skin texture will be refined to reveal smooth skin.
* Fresh herbal floral fragrance. A base of lush herbal floral scents that signal clarity and create anticipation for tangible benefits is accented with notes of bergamot and muguet for a fresh sensation.