Exage Cleary Cleansing Essence

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Description: Albion Exage Moist Cleansing Essence has a rich, watery, essence-like texture that blends with makeup, removing it easily and gently. After cleansing, skin is immediately moisturized, smoothened and softened. Gently apply it on your face to dissolve heavy makeup and impurities with ease. Albion Exage Moist Cleansing Essence is added with moisturizing essence that penetrates the dermis quickly and plumps skin cells. The addition of Rose Hip oil and bee balm essence also accelerate skin metabolism and clarifies skin for a bright and clear complexion.

Usage: Press 2-3 pumps with palm, apply on face with massage motion to blend makeup and then wash away with cold or warm water. Can be use with slightly wet hands or face. Please do not store this product in the bathroom if there is an air dryer.