AQMW Repair Lotion

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Retail Price: RM 30.00 (14ml)

Retail Price: RM 30.00 (14ml)

* Infused with a high concentration of mucinsome (moisturizer), an encapulated form of the mucous membrane ingredient muscin. It is absorbed into skin the instant it is applied, boosting skin's barrier function and protecting skin from external stress factors such as dryness.

* Sandalwood water (moisturizer), sandalwood extract (moisturizer), double peptides (moiturizer) and other ingredients act in a compound way with mucinsome (moisturizer), delevering skin that is bright and filled with rich moisture.

* The longer you use it, the more energy is stored inside your skin, creating resillence deep within skin.

* Used in conjuction with AQMW conclusion, skin will become noticeably clear and bright.

* The calming sandalwood scent and essential oils (natural fragrances) help restore skin to an optimum condition.

How to use

-Use after preparing skin with milk lotion.
-Apply a generous amount with a cotton pad, and apply to skin using a patting motion.