Facial Treatment Essence
(30ml x 5pcs = 150ml)

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With More than 90% Pitera , a unique ingredient enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that closely match your skin, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is necessary for radiant healthy-looking skin. Women all over the world affectionately call it their "Miracle Water" for bringing back their skin to its optimum condition in only 28 days*.

* 88% of women experienced a noticeable difference in their skin after using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 28 days. (Galaxy Research - May 2007)

Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. You can even use it on the eye area.


I can feel the difference on my skin after using for 1 week, my skin become supple and very smooth. Just after few weeks my skin starting to look more radiant and my complexion improved. I find it also helps with my sunburn because it is very soothing.
Date Added: 04/27/16
by Fazita Fakhruddin
It helps to improve my complexion turning brighter and smoother after a few weeks of use. These small bottles really convenient for an outdoor person.
Date Added: 01/27/16
by Nazatul Aminah Abdul Malek
Best bargain for an expensive product. The packaging is easy to keep and to bring as a travel essential.
Date Added: 11/03/15
by Pooja Rahim
A good bargain for one of the expensive facial toners / essences in market. Certainly will buy again.
Date Added: 10/26/15
by Rasyidi Muhammad Radzi
This is my skin best friend. Using FTE twice a day for 2 weeks helpsy skin to be at its healthiest state ever, its glowing, moisturise and it feels firmer. A must try SK II Product
Date Added: 11/23/14
by Nurfaradilla Mohamad Nasri
I bought this, AGAIN!!! I am so in love with SKII Facial Treatment Essence. A must have beauty product for everyone.
Date Added: 06/02/14
I love this product so much! It makes my skin looks younger, more radiant and glowing. Thanks to BBW, I can get this product at much lower price.
Date Added: 04/21/14
This is a marvellous product as it helps to keep my skin smooth and soft all the time.
Date Added: 04/18/14
This makes my skin soft and more hyrated. It doesn't feel sticky too.
Date Added: 04/03/14
by Janice Amarasekera
I bought this during the happy hour and it is even more worthwhile. A good product that clarifies the skin and provides it with radiance.
Date Added: 03/04/14
by Pauline Kan
It has shown significant improvement in my skin. My skin is more radiant. My pores are also going back to the normal size and the firmness seems to have regained its former balance.
Date Added: 05/27/13
by voon chiou yih
SK-II Essence is the best product so far, it's refreshing with instant soothing sensation. I have been using SK-II product for almost 2 years which keeping my skin younger as ever. No doubt the price is expensive at the counter, but we are lucky we can get a genuine product and affordable price from the BB World. Thank you so much to the BB World!
Date Added: 02/02/11
by Diana Arshad