Facial Treatment Essence
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With More than 90% Pitera , a unique ingredient enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that closely match your skin, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is necessary for radiant healthy-looking skin. Women all over the world affectionately call it their "Miracle Water" for bringing back their skin to its optimum condition in only 28 days*.

* 88% of women experienced a noticeable difference in their skin after using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 28 days. (Galaxy Research - May 2007)


Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. You can even use it on the eye area.


Always come in handy, this travel size fte is a must for all skii addicts. Nothing compares skii fte, not even the essence containing 100% galactomyces works like skii.
Date Added: 10/21/15
It's an excellent product as it keep my skin smooth and radiant all the time
Date Added: 07/29/14
i really love this skin become more radiant and pores get smaller and smaller!!
Date Added: 06/28/14
by sarah azam
i've been using this product for a week and i can see the difference where my skin become less oily especially at T-zone and the skin become smoother. i only used it once daily in the morning and i'm happy with the result.
Date Added: 06/20/14
by sarah azam
In few days you can feel the different in your skin. I love this product... yeahh
Date Added: 05/08/14
by putri era
I have used this product and this is really a miracle water. It soothes my skin only within 3 weeks of application.
Date Added: 04/29/14
my skin fell soft and moist in just two it
Date Added: 04/02/14
Fast delivery! I love this product and i have been using this for a month and see alot of changes on my face. My skin feels brighter and pores are minimized.It is a Miracle Water and wil continue to use it
Date Added: 03/29/14
by pricilla fung
This is my 1st time using the product after a friend of mine recommended it for my sensitive acne skin. Amy skin feels softer and less oilier after application. They said that I will see the difference within 1 month.
Date Added: 02/15/14
by pricilla fung
Been using it since 2 years ago. This is a truly must-have product. It does nothing but keep my skin feel fresh and radiant.Truly a miracle water!!
Date Added: 01/19/14
by madihah mohdpadzil
I feel so afresh and my skin becomes smoother each day after apply the Facial Treatment Essence. Highly recommend to every woman in any part of the world.
Date Added: 12/23/13
good product..'miracle water' indeed every woman must have
Date Added: 08/29/13
the product is very very good. my skin change a lot. and i love the product. i cannot live with out it.
Date Added: 08/19/13
by mary baba
This product definitely live up to its name - miracle water. After using it for just less than 1 week, can see that my skin is hydrated and most importantly, it helps to close up my pores a bit. But to see results, must definitely use it per advise of the beauty consultant - dab on cotton pad and ensure its' one cap size.
Date Added: 07/17/13
by Sukie Bee
Must have product that should be in every women pocket. Buy more for less.
Date Added: 07/16/13
by faezah yusra
After using it for a week, skin becomes brighter and shinier. It doesn't irritates my sensitive skin. I will continues using it to see the better results.
Date Added: 05/09/13
Date Added: 05/08/13
by agnes mok
I love this product indeed and I've been using this for few years. My skin becomes smooth and fair apparently.
Date Added: 03/29/13
by Hui Wen Yek
Although I've been using this product only once a day for less than 2 months but my skin more radiant & fairer now. Thanks to this miracle water.
Date Added: 03/23/13
Great product but it is expensive. This product makes me look pretty and fairly. Thanks to Best Buy World offer a promotion to us to save our money!
Date Added: 03/04/13
by Tze Qi Soo
This is my favourite product and I always keep an eye for promotion. I have oily skin and large pores. After using this for almost a year I've noticed my face is less oily but the pores are still visibly large.
Date Added: 02/22/13
by Waileng Tan
I have been thinking of trying this product since long times ago. However, this product is under my expectation. It did the same as my toner/ softener. It did not show ' miracle' indeed.
Date Added: 02/20/13
by Michelle Wong
totally fall in love with this product. my skin feels different and smoother after using for a week. i will recommend this product to all my friends and family.
Date Added: 01/09/13
by azzatul akmal ahmad fuad
This is a very hyped up product which I thought to try not long ago. Turned out it does nothing much for my skin which is sensitive type. Somehow even had a few breakouts since using it two weeks ago. To me, this product simply acts like my usual toner/lotion and the after smell is not pleasant(quite nasty in fact).
Date Added: 11/20/12
by Belinda Lau
I can see the difference on my skin within 1 week. My pores are finer and facial lines getting lesser. Sor far, it's one of the best in town. Very effective and works wonders!
Date Added: 12/07/11
Need to use it with cleanser, and clear lotion for better results. Been using it 2 years ago. Change to Dior Snow since there're no more changes and get bored with the same product. but recently using SKII, my skin r visible brighter and clearer. Would never change to other product than SKII:D
Date Added: 11/01/11
by Siti Nurul Hajar Mohd Adnan
This is a best choice product. It make the skin look shine.
Date Added: 10/12/11
by Jane Khor Boon Yin
Pore are tighten and feel more moisture after a week. Will continue use it :)
Date Added: 09/05/11
by Sunnie Yee
this is my 1st time using sk2 product.i have been using the treatment essence for 5 days only yet i have noticed my skin conditon is getting better.i have oily skin with pimple and scar problem.Now my skin is smoother and less oily than before.will continue to use sk2.
Date Added: 08/08/11
by Jane Ling
Pores are tighten after used & oily skin seems less oily now, will continue to use.
Date Added: 07/21/11
at first, tidak berbau (which is for me,it is good indicator for not having chemicals) but when applies to face it will produce a temporary smells. but very2 good.u dont need a toner when using this.
Date Added: 04/04/11
It is indeed a 'miracle water'.My skin texture improved after the 6th day of using.Refined pores,clearer and more even skin tone. Love it!
Date Added: 03/09/11
skin more radiant and brighter, but the effect take some time, be patient
Date Added: 06/16/10
by Mei Kiew Shue
this product can be make clean face & look likes a baby face...
Date Added: 04/30/10
by Lily Mustafa
i am very like this product because this product is very good.
Date Added: 10/28/09
by heng joey



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