Capture Totale Cellular Lotion High-Performance Treatment Serum-Lotion (F119032000)

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Its fresh and ultra-penetrating formulation delivers high-performance effectiveness at the heart of the skin and helps maximize the revitalizing power of stem cells**. The 1st step in your beauty ritual is transformed into a powerful vector of youth.
The skin appears more resistant, and becomes more supple and luminous. It is even more responsive to subsequently applied anti-aging skincare.

* By Dior.
** In vitro test on ingredient.

INSTANTLY, the skin is perfectly moisturized and appears replumped from the inside. It is optimally primed for all subsequently applied age-defying skincare. DAY AFTER DAY, the skin appears strengthened. It is visibly smoother and softer. With every application, the Cellular Lotion acts in perfect synergy with Capture Totale Le Sérum for boosted global anti-aging power and effectiveness.**

* By Dior.
** Self-evaluation – 44 women – after 1 month of application.

Dior Garden

In this Dior Garden, with exceptional soil, each flower produces a scarlet red fruit, whose colour denotes its full maturity and offers the promise of containing around twenty valuable seeds. From the picking of the flowers to the obtaining of the seeds, the harvest of Longoza requires true know-how and is performed with respect for local traditions.

LONGOZA, THE AGE-DEFYING JEWEL OF THE DIOR GARDENS Discovered in Madagascar over 20 years ago by Dior ethnobotanists, Longoza became the flagship natural ingredient in Capture Totale skincare. 10 years of research have enabled Dior Science to reveal its multiple age-defying properties and its exceptional ability to revitalize skin cells.