Fresh Calming Toner

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Toner that balances the oil and water content of skin and refreshes, hydrates, and soothes skin.

Fresh calming line restores your skin’s attractiveness

For customers aged 20-25 and who have oily skin that lacks moisture, the moisture soothing line soothes skin and restores skin’s balance with refreshing moisture.

1. Moisturizing healthy skincare Plant-derived rich extracts instantly soothe skin and keep skin moisturized and healthy by strengthening the moisture barrier with deep seawater 2. Refreshing feel The oil-free texture provides a refreshing feel perfect for use as toner pack 3. Low-irritant, gentle toner 4-free cleanser passed dermatological tests, hypo-allergy tests completed (4 FREE: mineral oil/ animal-based ingredients / synthetic coloring/ triethanolamine)