Aqua-Collagen-Gel whitening EX

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“Dark spots” and “freckles” appear prominent with aging. “Aqua-Collagen-Gel BiHaKu” was developed as a medically cosmetic complement to dermatological “laser treatment” for dark spot removal. It is the culmination of Aqua Collagen Gel.

Various complex factors are involved when “dark spots” and ‘freckles” occur. Aqua-Collagen-Gel BiHaKu approaches them in direct and different ways. When applied after face wash, it works as whitening lotion, whitening milk, whitening beauty essence, anti-aging serum and as make-up base. This is an all-in-one moisturizing and whitening gel, pursuing a whitening effect.

The most important care in whitening is to provide the skin with good quality moisture and deliver whitening active ingredients into deep stratum corneum to maximize its properties.

Dr. Ci: Labo has always believed that moisture retention (to keep water volume in skin) is the source of natural healing power of the skin and also prevents aging. Following our policy, ingredients that may irritate the skin are removed from Aqua-Collagen-Gel BiHaKu as much as possible and its multiple approaches leave the skin purely white while boosting the skin’s ability to revitalize itself. Combined with natural gel and three types of medically active ingredients, it reduces “dark spots”, “freckles” and “skin dullness”. Our unique “Super whitening penetration system” also achieved to maximize benefits of medically active ingredients.