White Dew Sherbet Cream

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Moisturizing brightening cream soothes tired skin irritated by sunlight with its cooling sherbet texture and provides whitening effect or a brighter and clearer skin.


1. White Dew main whitening ingredient “Saururus chinensis extract”
Whitening effect of plant-derived Saururus chinensis Extract improves dark spots and uneven skin tone by filling melanocytes with moisture.

2. Cools heated skin by 3.7 degrees
The soothing moisture lowers the temperature of tired skin due to exposure to the sun.

3. Low-irritant whitening
Provides a low-irritant whitening effect that passed hyper-allergy tests

4. Moisture-full Sherbet texture
The soft Sherbet-textured cream delivers a cool, moisturized feel to the skin as it is softly absorbed into the skin