Daily Line Reducer

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An effective anti-wrinkle serum which acts on all types of facial lines, even deep ones. The further evolution of flower fluff lightness and comfort. Weightless foundation that feels like a second skin. With passing time, the fibroblast cells located at the base of deep wrinkles produce up to 3 times less collagen than the other fibroblasts. Thanks to an exclusive combination of 3 cutting edge active ingredients (extracts of alkekengi's calyx, soya and padina pavonica) SISLEŸA Daily Line Reducer helps reconstruct the skin's framework spectacularly. It preserves the dermis fibres which make up the density, elasticity and the resistance of the skin (anti-collagenase and anti-elastase effects). It stimulates the neo-synthesis of collagen in order to densify the support tissue, as well as the glycosaminoglycanes to reinforce the hydra-cushion.

How to use

Apply 3 drops morning and night to the face and neck. Use on its on or under a skincare cream.