MACHIKO Moisturizer Essence

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  • Includes 3% fullerene*, an advanced skin conditioner.
  • 172times the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C.
  • 800 times the collagen production power of placenta.

*Fullerene detoxes active oxygen, a cause of skin aging, to restore the skin’s vitality and lead to more elastic and transparent skin.

The power of fullerene is that it demonstrates superior endurance and stability providing better results when compared to components such as Vitamin C, astaxanthin, and coenzyme Q10.

And due to its power of antioxidant properties combined with low irritability, fullerene has become a feature ingredient in the beauty and aesthetic surgery industries.

MACHIKO MOISTURIZER ESSENCE contains 3% fullerene.Reseived the Nobel Prize in 1996.

How to use:
  1. In the morning and evening, after washing your face take an appropriate amount (2 push)
  2. Uniformly spread the entire face from inside to outside.