AQWM Bright Eye Serum

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  • Contains selected moisturizers that prevent fine wrinkles and make the eye area look more lively.
  • Stemrise iPG1, developed through research into PG cells associated with firmness of the epidermis, provides supple firmness to the eye area.
  • The dewy fresh texture, like a condensed serum, spreads beautifully across skin. Makes the skin clear and moist, immediately after application.
  • Mucin2some and double peptides quickly work on skin problems caused by external stress and brighten the eye area.
  • The spatula with the gentle massager gently takes care of shadows under the eyes that are caused by poor blood circulation or poor excretion of waste, and dryness and dullness in the eye area. The cool feel of the massager (illustration B) refreshes the eye area to improve the benefits of eye care.
  • A relaxing blend of essential oils and the delicate scent of sandalwood, specially tailored for use in the delicate eye area.
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