Hydra Life Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel (Sachet)

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Benefits :

With its refreshing ceramic applicator, this eye gel moisturizes the skin while offering an immediate revitalizing effect, anywhere, anytime.

Test results :

- Eyes appear to open up 82%
- Dark circles are reduced 85%
- The eye contour is decongested 92%

After 4 weeks:
- The eye contour is radiant 100%
- The eyes are revitalized 100%

Application Tips :

All skin types. Apply daily to the eye contour for an awakening sensation, to the lashes or brows to enhance their beauty, or to the temples for a relaxing effect.

Texture :

An ultra-fresh gel paired with a frosty ceramic applicator, offering the freshness of an ice cube to improve microcirculation around the eyes.