Persian Cat Eye Mask

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Special care with 2 steps, Essence and Mask Sheet. For eye wrinkle care and fatigue recovery The first Step, Essence, contains a large amount of antioxidants to help prevent skin aging. Provides ample nutrition and moisture to keep your eyes alive. If you put on this before go to bed, then you can experience realize moistness and smoothness in the morning The second Step, Modeling mask sheet is a water-soluble gel type mask sheet having excellent adhesion even in the eyes with many bends. Patented technology It is a specialized eye care product that helps to control the wrinkles and dark circles of the eye using melted with skin temperature and absorbed, and helps to relieve stress and fatigue of long-term work or study. The water-soluble hydrogel shell is a good elastic material that tightens the skin and keeps it taut, and has excellent wrapping effect that prevents the nutrition and moisture from evaporating. If you use Step 1 and 2 in order before going to bed, it will help you manage the skin of your eyes, and with blocking the light from the outside and with aromatic lavender essence, you can fall a good sleep in the night. [How to Use]: Step 1: After cleansing, apply 5g of Step 1 essence to all areas where mask pack is used. Step 2: Open the pouch, remove the film, and stick the gel mask around the eye. Step 3: It is possible to adjust the seat according to the face type. Step 4: If you remove the sheet the next day and wash it with warm water or foam cleansing.