New Skin Protect Peptide Ampoule Mask

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Skin Protect Peptide Ampoule Mask deep cleanses your skin, removes Impurities, Dirt, Blackheads & Whiteheads to give your skin Radiant glow, Softness & Suppleness. Skin Protect Peptide Ampoule Mask sucks out all the germs, dirt & pollution particles giving you a DEEP CLEANSE treatment at home. This Mask exfoliates your skin, eliminates dry, dead skin cells, excess oil (Sebum), whiteheads and blackheads off your skin. 6 day Skin Prescription total ampoule mask series care your skin. Designed to fit Asian facial contours, suitable for dull skin with dark spots. Looking for an efficient yet pampering solution to instantly refresh skin and reduce dullness, recommend to use 6 times a week Black mask contain bijang charcoal meet Pearl sparkle ampoule to give deeper skin moisturizing and nourishing Concentrate hydration bringing care pack. Pearl and whitening function contain niacin amibe element give bright hydration and healthy to dry and dark skin. to provide smooth, shining hydration and healthy brighten skin. Skin Type: All Skin Type Effect: Improve Elasticity , Wrinkle care , Glossy Nutrition & Nutrition Supply Volume: 25g