Cook Pack The Fresh Red Rubber Mask - Moist/Elasticity
(40g + 5g)

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Single use mask pack in which you pour the liquid types of formula 1 and formula 2 in a standup pouch and use like the salad keeping the original flavors of the fresh ingredients, to keep the true, natural healthy beauty of skin.

Red food ingredients such as pomegranate, tomatoes, paprika etc. in this rubber maskbuild up skin protection barrier for the rough and tired skinto leave skin smooth and elastic.

1.Cut out straight on the cut off line on the both edges of the standup pouch.
2.Unfold the bottom of a standup pouch, stand it up and pour formula 1 in the standup pouch.
3.Pour formula 2 in a standup pouch.
4.Mix it up quickly around in 1 minute with the included spatula just like you’re kneading the dough.
5.Mix the formulas completely and take appropriate amount using the spatula.
6.Spread the mask of mixture evenly over your entire face.
7.Leave it on for about 20-30 minutestill it dries completely.
8.When the mask dries, peel it off from the outer edge of the chin.