(11.11) Skin Veil Base SPF 22 PA++ #No.40 Light Purple

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Makeup base that gives skin a vibrant, smooth, and even complexion; light enough to be layered onto skin.

Thick, matte makeup no longer embodies the “ultimate perfect skin”

Skin Veil EX line consisting of Laneige Skin Veil Base EX and Skin Veil Foundation EX feels light and comfortable on skin yet still has enough coverage to conceal imperfections.

Skin Veil Base EX creates a clean, even canvas, with Skin Veil Foundation EX completing the flawless look. Achieve a look that’s closest to perfect.
1. Excellent tone correction

Blemish Veil Formula reacts to light, giving skin a clear, even appearance.

2. Complete layering with foundation

Consists of disk-shaped particles, has natural second-skin finish that can be layered over and over again.

3. Smooth, veil-like finish

The soft, creamy texture of the formula gives skin a smooth, veil-like finish.


It feels soft and comfortable on the skin, also works as a primer and suitable for a sensitive skin. I like it and hope they will sell the regular size very soon!. Thanks BBW
Date Added: 06/19/19
by Ester Titus