Beautiful Belle EDP Spray

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This fragrance celebrates the universal emotion of modern love and modern brides everywhere who dare to break all the rules for love. A romantic blend of Turkish Rose and Vanilla, and notes of Luminous Amber, Orange Blossom Honey and more. Every note in this Oriental Gourmand scent embodies a voyage of the senses and transports the imagination. It’s a luxurious departure in fragrance, inspired by the union of specially crafted ingredients sourced from the four corners of the globe. Fresh Naturality From the North, feel the excitement and anticipation of Love with French Sage and Turkish Rose. Exotic Luminosity From the East, live the heart-felt passion of Love with Luminous Amber and Middle Eastern Almond notes. Glowing Sensuality From the South, let a tale of seduction and Love unfold with the marriage of Patchouli and Madagascar Vanilla. Unique Modernity From the West, celebrate the discovery and journey of Love with notes of Illumina Musk and Orange Blossom Ho