Confort Extreme Day Skincare with Linden Blossom & Mallow [OUTLET]

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NOTE: Manufacture Year : 2015

Very dry skin is characterized by lipid and moisture deficiencies that cause changes in the skin's barrier function. Whether the problem involves inherent skin dryness (genetic heritage, mature skin lacking sufficient amount of lipids,…) or skin weakened by environmental conditions or by an abrasive cosmetic treatment, dry skin is extremely fragile and requires a specific skin care product.

Confort Extreme Day has been designed for the most fragile skin types. Extracts of Solanum, Mallow, Linden Blossom, Shea Butter and Phytosqualane all work in synergy to help stimulate the production of lipids thus encouraging spectacular hydration.

* ·With the nutrients, skin becomes more supple and more luminous,
* ·With the improved hydration, skin is softer and feels comfortable,
* ·Protected, it is revitalized and dryness is visibly diminished.

Skin Type: Very Dry & Sensitive Skin

To Use
Apply Confort Extreme Jour in the morning to face and neck, on perfectly cleansed skin