Duo Express Instant Eye Makeup Remover With Pure Lily Extract (Sensitive Eyes - Non Oily) [OUTLET]

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Retail Price: RM 135.00 (125ml)

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This Eye Makeup Remover leaves a sensation of extreme softness, suited to the fine, weakened and lipid-poor skin of the eye contour area. With stupefying ease and a non-oily effect, this two-phase makeup remover comes to grips with the most resistant, including waterproof, makeup. When the bottle is shaken, the emollient crystalline oil and the blue-tinted water, rich in moisturizing agents, instantly blend together to offer both gentle and effective cleansing action. The eyelids are perfectly clean, soft and moisturized; the eyelashes supple and silky smooth. Tested under ophthalmological control, this product's safety preserves the fragile eye contour area. Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. NOTE : MANUFACTURING JAN 2014