Homme Active Water Gel Cream (Sachet)

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Laneige Homme Active Water Line to maintain optimal skin condition

Gel cream makes skin moisturized and revitalized by locking in skin's moisture with its strong dual moisture film.

1. Strong moisture-locking effect

LANEIGE Homme’s patented Anti-Dryness™ Technology prevents the loss of skin's moisture by forming a strong double-layered moisture protective film.

2. Shine-free, refreshing feel

The non-sticky, light, refreshing gel-type texture provides a moisturized feel.

3. Active Water Plus, a powerful moisturizer

Active Water Plus provides skin with moisture and maintain skin in its optimal condition.

How to use :
Use every morning and night after refining skin with toner. Dispense a small amount into the hands and apply evenly on the face and neck.