(MER) BioPro Green Beard Oil - Minyak Janggut imported Morocco

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✅ SOFTEN YOUR BEARD & SKIN-Use oil daily to moisturize your beard, mustache and skin without ever having a greasy face.
✅ RELIEVES ITCHINESS-Condition and moisturize your beard and say goodbye to a dry, itchy beard and skin as well as beard dandruff.
✅ UNSCENTED-Oil has absolutely no scent whatsoever and soaks in quickly after applied.
✅ EASY TO USE-Simply apply a few drops while your hair is either dry or damp and enjoy the gentleman's beard you've always dreamed of.
✅ ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Made with the finest Argan Oil.
✅ The 100% natural ingredients will ensure no skin or hair irritation.

Is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent. The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed; not dusty, flaky and shaggy.
It hydrates your beard’s bristles and moisturises skin, thus softening whiskers as they grow, and it also allows longer bristles to be groomed into place.
On top of it all, BioPro beard oil also layered your beard and hair follicle to prevent further damage and hence, stimulate hair growth. You should not have grown a beard if you cannot give it the attention it deserves. You can equate beard growing as hobby, and for good reason, a beard needs to be properly groomed and tamed, as well as hydrated and nourished.
This Beard oil can help you with all of these traits.