Diorshow Extase Mascara #090 Instant Lash Plumping Mascara

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The sublime blend of a spectacular plumping volume formula and an exclusive Couture brush.
The first sweep offers the ecstasy of divinely thickened and reshaped lashes that seem transformed.
Dior Innovation: a revolutionary formula with spectacular plumping volume that glides over the lashes to coat them one by one.
Enriched with Metamorphosis Powder and black pearl pigments, it is specially designed to amplify lash volume and deliver deep intensity to the eyes.
For the first time at Dior, a lash care active ingredient has been added to the formula to make the lashes suppler, shinier and visibly more beautiful.
Inspired by the layers of tiers so dear to the House of Dior, featured in dresses with spectacular volume, the brush with its exclusive couture design combines two types of fibers to coat and comb the lashes in a single step for guaranteed excess volume.
Diorshow Extase dresses the eyes with the most extreme lash-by-lash volume.