Jelly Lip Gloss N #08 Pink Grapefruit

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Colors like fresh fruit and delicious sweets. Lustrous gloss in a wide variety of hues.
  • Lip gloss that transforms your upper lip into a "Cupid's Bow", bringing you the aspect of an innocent angel.
  • Spreads easily with the lightest touch, providing a full, rich luster and pure sparkle.
  • Provides highly uniform application, for lips that leave a full, plump impression.
  • A cherubic fresh oil formulation, thoroughly moisturizing by sealing in moisture while also placing no burden on your lips, for a lasting sensation with zero stickiness.
  • The diagonally cut tube allows for easy application on the lips, and perfect coverage.
  • A cap design with a sparkling Swarovski, as though topped with a tiara. The entire cap is also scalloped, giving a three-dimensional presence to the finish of the design.
  • Fragrance of Crystal Floral Bouquet.