Genoptics Aura Essence

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Goes deep inside the skin, revealing from within the new soft radiance.

This extraordinary brightening serum containing SK-II’s unique whitening complex Soft Aura White Cocktail with Pitera™, brightens and evens out your skin tone to give it an aura-like glow, as if skin is illuminated from within*. Drop by drop, skin gets brighter and more radiant.

After just 1 week, skin feels healthy and radiant.

After just 1 bottle, dullness and pigmentation diminish to reveal a radiance that emanates from within the layers of your skin*. *epidermis layer only


It's a hot products that many people recommend. I can see my dull yellowish face turns brighter within 2 weeks of use. Works great with the FTE as well as the spot essence to clear spots and dullness on skin. Great brightening effect and will repurchase it always!
Date Added: 09/14/17
by Janice Tan