Multimasking Mask Treatment Set (Limited Edition)
(1 set)

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An all-inclusive set of mud-based mask treatments for clearer, brighter, firmer skin.

Multimask like a pro with this collection of six GLAMGLOW mud masks. Supermud® Clearing Treatment fights all common skin concerns, while Youthmud® Tinglexfoliate Treatment—the 10-minute facial in a tube—smooths and brightens the complexion. The ultimate pre-makeup treatment, Gravitymud® Firming Treatment is an innovative peel-off mud treatment that instantly leaves skin feeling firmer and most lifted. Thirstymud® Hydrating Treatment moisturises, restores, replenishes, and calms the skin for instant nourishment, while the exfoliating Flashmud® reveals an intensely brighter, more even complexion. For weekly deep cleansing, Powermud® unites the power of mud and the power of oil to achieve amplified, deep-cleansing, yet gentle results.

Set include:
  • Supermud Clearing Treatment (20g)
  • Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (10g)
  • Gravitymud Firming Treatment (10g)
  • Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment (10g)
  • Flashmud Brightening Treatment (10g)
  • Powermud DualCleanse Treatment (10g)