REJUVERA Multi White Cream With Goat's Milk Gold Capsule [OUTLET]

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NOTE: Manufacture Year : 2016

Brightening effect for more radiant and shiny skin,like using a reflector board, while gold capsules burst pop! Pop!

  • Skin health keeper

    Goat’s milk covered with a gold capsule for skin health, upgrades moisturizing and nutrients.
  • Reflector board’s cream

    Whitening (brightening) cream to shine the skin instantly, like using a reflector board.
  • Gold Goat’s milk capsule:

    Goat’s milk capsules, which are covered with gold in a soft type like whipped cream, burst right after application onto the skin. Being absorbed into the skin right away, you can feel both luminant and moisturized.
  • Rice bran extract instead of purified water

    KFDA’s functional skin care, using “Rice bran extract” as base ingredient, and making the skin complexion in good condition by tidying up the dead skin cell layer.
  • Fruit extract and Vitamin E
  • Fruit extract such as grapefruit, orange, lime, and more fills the skin with moisture and reduces moisture loss. By containing Vitamin E derivative, it helps skin keep moisturized and vital.
  • Oriental & herbal ingredients

    Oriental herbal ingredients such as centella asiatica extracts, portulaca oleracea extract and others help the skin stay protected and nourished with brightened and healthy skin.
  • Soft and milky type

    As a soft type like whipped cream, it creates deeply moisturized softness in the skin right after application.