Moisture Liposome

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State of Art Skincare. To change our skin's fate. Feed your parched skin.

MOISTURE LIPOSOME, launched in 1992, is a new type of cosmetic serum that incorporates liposome technology which had not until then been used in cosmetic products. Propelled by its proven benefits, MOISTURE LIPOSOME enjoys a strong customer base and robust sales, with three million bottles sold to date.

Five reasons why you'll love Moisture Liposome!

(1) Rapid penetration rate
Extensive R&D has gone in to provide Moisture Liposome with the best skin cell penetration and absorption capability ever to be utilized as a cosmetics agent. It comes with an enhanced capability to penetrate smoothly even into previously uncharted terrains of the keratin layer. Thereby offering sensational penetration even in troubled and problem skins.

Imagine your skin cell as the size of a basketball, then by comparison, a droplet of emulsion is akin to the size of a pingpong ball while a liposome appears as minute as a sugar crystal. This means that the liposomes' extremely minute size will allows superb penetration and absorption into your skin.

(2)High IQ intelligent targeting
Consisting of very 'determined' high-IQ micro-capsules that know how and where to go, Moisture Liposome aids to strengthen areas of deficiency and restores damaged skin cells. It is a magic microcapsule – with the swiftness and great reflexes of a first-class athlete!

It is able to transport moisture to the needed locations in the needed amount. The liposomes' close resemblance in composition to the skin cell's membrane, as well as their high affinity for the skin ensures smooth permeation of the moisturizing agents deep into each cell. To repair damaged skin cells as well as dry and chapped skin

(3) Long-lasting nourishment
Each liposome is composed of as many as 10 to 20 layers, peeling off one by one in a time-release manner. As each layer peels off, a fresh portion of beautifying agents is released into the skin over time. Conventional moisturizers manage to moisturize the skin only at the time of application.

It therefore nourishes your skin continuously. Akin to a peeling onion, the multi-layers of the liposomes release their moisturizing agents layer by layer over time. Starting from the outer layer, a measured amount of nutrients is released continuously. Applied twice a day, your skin drinks in moisture 24 hours on end.

(4) Synergistic capability
It shows amazing team spirit by dramatically enhancing the penetrative capability of products used in the ensuing skincare regime. Acting as a facilitator, it triggers further moisture absorption in the deepest of keratin layer. Enhances the penetration of other beauty products. Speedy supply of moisture into the skin surface regulates and soften skin texture. So beauty products applied subsequently see better absorption rate.

(5) Gentle on your skin
Moisture Liposome boasts simplicity in its compositions. Simplicity - it is composed solely of active agents, which bring nothing but amazing effects.

Simply because it is so powerfully effective, there is no need to add impurities to reinforce its capability. Oil-free. Alcohol-free. Suitable for all skin types, even on sensitive skins. And for all seasons of the year.