フェムローザ パウダーアイシャドウ パレット #SHE [限定版]
(12 x 0.85g)

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RM 170.00

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通常価格: RM 170.00 (12 x 0.85g)

It’s coming up roses in soft mauve tones and buttery metallic finishes. Romantic shades make it easy to transition from sweet damsel to femme fatale.

Ladylike: metallic soft ivory
Babe: satin light peachy pink
Dainty: metallic pinky taupe
Chick: metallic subtle gold
Mademoiselle: metallic rose gold
Gal: metallic red with copper duochrome
Empress: metallic mid-tone pink plum
Filly: metallic rusty orange
Dear: matte warm rose
Missy: matte deep burgundy
Damsel: matte smokey violet
Duchess: matte dusty coral