Astalift White Perfect UV Clear Solution SPF50+ PA++++

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Effectively block UVB, UVA and also the UVA with 370-400nm (It causes spots, wrinkles and aging). This product also contains whitening and anti-aging ingredient essence, “Nano AMA”, “Nano Astaxanthin”, and three types of collagens. They protect skin from UV rays and also create clear and radiant skin.

Unique “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes color in response to "The Longest Wavelength UVA", allowing users to check the invisible UV rays. Even indoor or cloudy days, you have to check UV Rays and apply ASTALIFT Perfect UV Clear Solution on face to protect the skin.

Unique Light Analyzing powder regulates light reflection, brightener up skin tone. Product’s texture is smooth and it can be spread easily. It also can be your make-up base before applying foundation.

Use it after regular skin care routine or before applying makeup foundation. Take appropriate amounts on hand and spread it evenly on face. Especially care the easily sunburned and highly exposure areas such as cheekbones, nose, jaw, neck and nape etc.